The hillside

offers the ideal land for winegrowing in Friuli.
So those who tried to grow vines on the plains had their work cut out right from the start. This is why they were the precursors of the modern, and now widespread, wine cellar technologies: bottling plants, wine filters, horizontal presses, oak barrels and stainless steel vats.

Amongst the leaders of this technological progress was Luigi Valle. Who, however, never forgot the importance of tradition, the local area and working in the vineyard, with respect for the rhythms of nature.


Resurgence of water,

landslides and mudslides. The rebellious nature of the territory did not stop the planting of “ten thousand plants” per hectare, a system promoted by Luigi Valle himself; densify to have more plants, each with just a few grapes of greater quality.

Friuli, a place that is particularly suitable for growing vines - in a balance between nature and man – was an endless source of stimuli, making it possible to refine the quality of Valle wines.


In the nineties

sub-areas were created in Italy: pieces of land with unique characteristics.

One of these was the sub-area of Rosazzo with five or six varieties of grapes, including Pignolo and Ribolla Gialla.

Only on the hillsides: that contour line, identified by several wine producers in the air, including Valle, was essential.

This sub-area was immediately seen as an advantage of the area, a sort of cru within the DOC region.


Luigi Valle

obtained his diploma in the late nineteen forties from the school in Conegliano.

He then studied wine-making techniques and, in addition to training as an oenologist, he was able to import avant-garde technology into the Italian winemaking industry of the fifties. To begin with he replaced the old vertical press with the horizontal press. Soft pressing aimed to enhance the quality of the grape – harvested by hand, with meticulous selection done in the vineyard – and brought about a change of direction in the Italian wine-making scene.


There was only one way

to introduce wine to the rest of the world:
by bottling it. 

Luigi Valle brought the first sterile vacuum bottling plants to Friuli in the early sixties.

This also made it possible to participate in several competitions and exhibitions outside the region during the decades that followed, thus obtaining more than 160 gold medals.


Today we could say

that Luigi Valle’s dream has become a reality:
to have a wine-cellar with avant-garde technology and to produce fine wines.

Here many friends, some famous, once sat on the same benches that are now occupied by the new generations of the Valle family.

A family of innovators that always follows tradition.